Welcome to La Casa Events

All events at La Casa are Multicultural.

Everyone is welcome to utilize the space for

event rentals, meetings, forums, run programs, and performances. 

In order to rent the space, you must first submit an application, then complete pre-approval requirements, before being granted a leasing agreement.  

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La Casa Events

As a multicultural historical space, we celebrate diversity by hosting events that honor heritage, further equitable challenges, and support valued traditions.

Main Hall

Here, you are able to utilize the hall for large performances, special celebrations, public education services, and the furtherance of equity. 


Youth Center 

Here, you are able to utilize the center for youth leadership opportunities, growth, and education. You are also able to book the space for religious services, meetings, or small celebrations. 

Historical Library

In this Historical space, 

Community Leaders Organized for the furtherance of Equity and Social Justice. Today, this space continues to bring scholars together with Majority-Minority communities and unite to empower. 

This space is also used for small memorials and celebrations of tradition. 

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